Monday, November 2, 2009

AK Geneve- HMS Automatic Warp

In English, warp means something like time distortion, a concept dear to the heart of lovers of science fiction, who find themselves in this intergalactic spaceship wrist (delivery expected in 2009).
For fans of Star Trek, quite the module that controls the teleport aboard the USS Enterprise.
This is obviously large, but strangely laptop because the housing is arranged on the arm length, and not the width of the wrist. It obviously worked very, with unexpected tilting housing Carbon fiber molded, sculpted volumes, the cuts "industrial" rubber, machined bolts, smart materials (pink gold, titanium) and high-inserts tech: we admire the way the macro-ring, but also streamlined shape with the angle dipping from right to left (which allows the shirt to slide further on the watch). Inside, a display hours and minutes per disk rotating in a subtle grid.