Sunday, February 7, 2010

Facts of the day- Stainless Steel

Apart from the veteran watch collectors, did you ever wondered what type of stainless steel your watch is made of???
In the world of timepieces, majority or almost all uses 316L stainless steel for their watch straps and casing except for Rolex.
They uses 904L stainless steel for their straps and casing. And from what i read on, the price difference for 316L and 904L is big.

Just a little more details about stainless steel,

You all do know chromium + steel = stainless steel

904L has more chromium (26% vs 18%) and less nickel (5% vs 10%) than does 316L.And i believe why other watchmakers still preferred to use 316L is because 904 grade steel is more commonly used in industrial components which under constant exposure to highly corrosive substances (acids and the like) - conditions which a watch bracelet simply will not be exposed to. Therefore, there is no reason why they need to implement 904L instead of 316L when 904L costs alot more than 316L.

Correct me if im wrong.
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