Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Patek Philippe- Calibre 89

The creation of Patek Philippe Caliber 89 is a historical moment not only for the company but for the world of watches as a whole. This timepiece is the most complicated watch in the world. The watch was designed in 1989 to celebrate the 150 years anniversary of Patek Philippe. Calibre 89 is a 3-pound, 2-sided pocket watch made of gold. Inside a rather small case are fitted 1,728 interacting parts.
Caliber 89 includes 33 complications which represent features that certainly surpassed their time, making the watch more than a simple time displayer. The watch can keep the time of two different time zones as well as display the day of the week, month, year and leap-year, moon phase and even the movement of stars. There are also other interesting features like: time of sunrise and date of Easter. These are just some of the complications.
There were manufactured only 4 models of Caliber 89 and today these models are worth about 6 million dollars each. Truly a remarkable timepiece is Patek Philippe Calibre 89. Although this watch represents much more than a simple Swiss timepiece, the latter is still very difficult to create.
With its 1,728 parts the timepiece weights 1.1 kg and exhibits 24 hands. It took about five years to develop this amazing creation and about four years to manufacture it. Thus today the 18 carat gold most complicated watch in the world displays:
1. Day of the month
2. 12-hour recorder
3. Day of the week
4. Hour of second time-zone
5. Moonphases
6. Winding crown position indicator
7. Century decade and year displays
8. Leap Year Indicator
9. Power Reserve
10. Month
11. Thermometer
12. Date of Easter
13. Time of sunrise
14. Equation of time
15. Star chart
16. Sun hand
17. Time of sunset

Day of the month 7. Chronograph second hand 13. Minutes Hands
2. Hour Hands 8. Seconds hand 14. Chronograph counter
3. 12-hour recorder 9. Moonphases 15. Power Reserve
4. Up-down chime 10. Winding crown position indicator 16. Month
5. Day of the week 11. Century decade and year displays 17. Split second hand
6. Hour of second time-zone 12. Leap Year Indicator 18. Thermometer
19. sidereal time hour hand 22. Time of sunrise 25. Star chart
20. Date of Easter 23. Equation of time 26. Sun hand
21. sidereal time minute hand 24. sidereal time second hand 27. Time of sunset

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Joseph said...

lol, they take 5 years to design and make this watch, such a challenging watch.
But to read is also a challenge -_-"