Thursday, February 11, 2010

12th Feb 2010

wa hoho.. today is quite a day for me...
had a small bday celebration at class and it was quite a madness! playing around with cakes...
So thats tell us the moral of the story is.. never ever tell anyone your bday or keep a low profile! absolutely! hahaha... took quite a few shots thou.. pardon me for the blurness in the photo as my phone is lousy =/

Happy birthday to Rayden, our class monitor and Nurul ! =)

I dont know what kiki is doing..maybe trying to light candles.. as for hong ding, which is the guy behind her, ehh i also dont know what he doing -.-"

Took a photo of them while the rest is cutting cake...
Kiki is distributing the cakes now.. while some people are planning for some actions.. heh ;)

Bam! One of our victim! aw poor ting lol !
After the celebration, we all went home, then at night, i met up with my fellow armies friends,
were chatting all along, so long never seen them, the feeling is.. just nostalgic...
chat and eat at chong pang nasi lemak till 1.30am.. hope can come out often.. =D
Alright shall end here and sleep le.. :)

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