Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vacheron Constantin- Kallista

Vacheron Constantin’s classic Kallista is the world’s most expensive watch, which was produced in 1886, originally Kingalid ordered it. However, the king passed away before the watch was finished, and it was bought by an unknown buyer from the US at the price of $3.5milion. Kallista is entirely diamond-studded, both on the watch body and the strap, enjoying 118 carefully selected top grade blue and white diamonds weighting 130 karats. Every stone of Kallista has its own GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate.The case itself was sculpted from a gold block. The latter weighted over one kilo. Today it is valued at 11 million.
And in order to produce this watch, Vacheron Constantin recruited the best engineers and took 20 months (over 6,000hours) of work. And Kallista means perfect in Greek. This is just what Vacheron Constantin wants to show to the world.
The designer of this wonder was Raymond Moretti.

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