Monday, February 8, 2010

10th Feb 2010

Sigh.. sometime things can be irony.. in the past didnt cherish studies and keep on playing games,
but i told myself that i quit gaming, but today, i got unknowningly pulled for the gaming competition for my school. But more surprising matter is i heard from my lecturer that im one of the 5 students selected in class for the NYAA, national youth achievement award, also for the school.. supposingly good things keep coming and i ought to be happy, but why am i feeling nothing at all.. alot of things keeps boiling in my heart..
But im doing my best in everything i could possibly be,
But the question is, will time wait for me? even for a min? =)

yaya i sound so emo, dont know lah.. theses are my thoughts i been thinking since morning lol !

Sign Off-

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