Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Arnold & Son- Grand Tourbillion Perpetual

When Arnold & Son decided to launch a new tourbillon model, connoisseurs and admirers can be sure this sophisticated complication will appear in good company. The Grand Tourbillon Perpetual is a striking embodiment of the wealth of horological expertise cultivated by a brand that remains true to the pioneering spirit of one of the great British Masters.

Originally designed over two centuries ago to compensate for the detrimental effects of gravity on watch movements, the tourbillon remains one of the most challenging horological accomplishments. Beautifully highlighted in this model through a generous opening in the lower part of the dial, the tourbillon carriage with its three-arm propeller-shaped hand is complemented by an impressive array of additional functions. Above it, on either side of the grid-patterned dial section underscoring the highly technical nature of this watch , the day of the week and month are displayed in neat apertures; while a dedicated arrow-type pointer sweeps over the elegant retrograde date display appearing on the top of the dial. The same hand-wound movement also drives moon-phase and leap-year indications visible through the open back. All the perpetual calendar displays can be independently set by means of two pushpieces at 2 and 10 o'clock and two recessed correctors at 4 and 8 o'clock, or else adjusted simultaneously by the corrector at 9 o'clock.

Further reinforcing this exceptional model's ties with the rhythms of the universe, the dial also features a perpetual equation of time window, protected by a sapphire crystal and permanently displaying the difference between the time in space (sidereal time) and the time on earth (civil time). And for those who prefer to keep track of the stars in a more symbolic way, a zodiac calendar may appear in the same position.

Representing a spectacular horological vision and a fascinating transposition of celestial reality with its immutable cycles, this distinguished model clearly destined for collectors is issued in three strictly limited series of 10 in white gold and 10 in red gold.

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