Monday, March 8, 2010

FVa Nº Cuatro Tourbillon Dial-Side Column Wheel Monopusher Chronograph

Limited to 8 pieces, this ultra-exclusive timekeeper is the masterpiece of the genevan brand. Its exclusive hand-made and hand-decorated FRANC VILA manufactured movement is the first ever to have a column wheel monopusher chronograph mechanism built in the dial side directly coupled to the tourbillon cage. With 5 days of power reserve, the FV No. Cuatro movement is built with 262 components and 33 rubies, and incorporates the "Inertial Moment Control" technology,  and the "Wheels Differential System".

The movement of the watch incorporates bridges, the design of which has been inspired by the molecular structure of grapheme. This material has been recently discovered. It is characterized by an extremely low density, and with a thickness equal to an atom, its resistance is 10 to 100 times higher than the resistance of steel.

Moreover, it is considerably harder than diamond. As a result, Franc Vila has managed to create a remarkably light, ultra-resistant movement.

Technical Data on official website:
Case: Red Gold, White Gold. Die Hard Extreme Steel, Titanium and Gold or Titanium and Die Hard Extreme Steel. Sapphire Crystal and Caseback with double sided anti-glare treatment. Chronograph monopusher at 2. Movement: Fva No 4 Calibre, 262 components, 33 rubies.  Chronograph monopushing function with dial side column wheel, directly coupled to tourbillon. Flying tourbillon with inertial moment control mechanism and wheel differential system. Mechanism manufactured in the brand’s characteristic “Esprit Unique” shape, hand made and hand decorated.

hour, minute, chronograph monopusher and power reserve indication.
Dial: multilayer smoked sapphire crystal, half skeleton, 60 seconds (at 2) and 30 minutes (at 10) chronograph counters.
Power reserve: 5 Days

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