Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daniel Roth- Grande Sonnerie Moon Phase

Since time immemorial, man has sought to symbolize time from sunrise to sunset by sounds, guiding the members of a community in their daily social and private activities.

As technology has evolved, this particular rhythum, harmonized by the sound of time, has taken on a more intimate character and made its entry into the private sphere.  At a time when electricity and luminous numerals did not yet exist, sound was the only way to tell time in the dark, on demand or automatically.  In fact, few manufacturers are able to produce striking watches and this know-how reflects the perfection of the Master watchmakers art.  Daniel Roth is one of these capable to manufacture every single component of the striking movement, and has being doing so for many years.

The Grande Sonnerie Moon phase representing a genuine masterpiece of horological complication housed within a wristwatch that is unique on the market, this Grande Sonnerie in the Daniel Roth collection is powered by a self-winding tourbillon movement with four-hammer Westminster Chime grand strike and moon-phase display.  Entirely decorated, crafted and assembled in the Manufacture, this model has benefited from the particular care devoted to the quality of the sound and to its many security systems.

A miniature marvel in terms of its construction, it is equally magnificient in terms of the exceptional finishing lavished on all parts of the movement: polishing, straight-graining of the flanks and bevelling of the parts and the mainplate; bridges decorated with Cotes de Geneve and fully guilloche oscillating weight.  This extraordinary watch is to be issued in a limited edition of 10.


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