Friday, April 2, 2010

Perrelet- Five Minute Repeater

Perrelet is bringing you a five minute repeater that is unique in configuration. It features the renown P-201 repeater caliber, which allows you to activate the ringer on demand by simply pressing the button which is located at the 8 position.

A low-pitched tone strikes once for the hour, followed by two tones in succession, one low-pitched and one high-pitched, which sounds the five minutes. Two strikes in succession for every five minutes that we have passed since the last hour.

The legacy of the expertise of the watchmakers of the 19th century, this timepiece meets Perrelet's high quality criteria in water resistance which is guaranteed to five atmospheres (50m).

The volume of sound is guaranteed by means of an ingenious "empty case" system, which offers a greater resonance compared to a standard case. Due to the high degree of complexity involved in the manufacture of the mechanism, only a very small quantity (120 a year). Aficionados and connoisseurs alike understand this limitation perfectly, as it is so difficult to offer a sound, a melody that keeps pace with the passing of time.

Ref. A 3010/1
Automatic five minute repeater, two tones
Central hour, minutes and second indication
Exclusive Perrelet rotor with glass
18-carat rose gold case
Alligator strap, deployment clasp
Limited Edition of 120 per year

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