Sunday, January 31, 2010

MB&F HM2-SV – Sapphire Vision

Based on the popular Horological Machine 2 (MB&F’s second watch), the SV offers a new view – literally. SV stands for “sapphire vision.”
THe unique aspect of the watch is the large 3.6mm thick sapphire crystal that serves as the front plate of the watch in lieu of metal. The result is an ability to see the MB&F automatic movement that powers the double faced timepiece.

The left dial of the watch displays the date and a moon phase indicator, while the right dial has jumping hours and a retrograde minute scale.
The Sapphire Crystal is so hard to make, that three out of four crystals break during the process of making them that takes 55 hours for the crystal alone (to cut). The hardest part is drilling the hopes for the screws. The back plate of the watch is in titanium, while the automatic rotor is 22k gold in its iconic battle ax shape. Pretty awesome watch from the world of avant garde high horology.
There will only be 25 pieces of the SV for the whole world.
Pretty cool huh?