Friday, February 5, 2010

6th Feb 2010 2am

Wao.. just reached from after having supper with friends at jalan kayu.. talked alot and laughed alot haha.. damn i would say they are a real public nuisance, irritants and joker -_- but thats the part i like to gout with them haha..
i remembered we talk about Xueli, how this and that she were hahaha.. funny la dont know say till her.. say the pose in the facebook damn damn funny, all laugh like crazy...
Yep.. this is her.. let me introduce my friend, she is xueli, hahaha funny right =x
But dont be mistaken me! i not meant to make fun of her, just wanna share 1 joker friend of me =D
then just back home not long, going 3am le.. tml still working zzz and so...
Shall end here le, goodnight guys! =)

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