Friday, February 19, 2010

Bell & Ross- BR Minuteur Tourbillon

One of the most striking aspects of the Bell & Ross Minuteur Tourbillon is that it is immediately recognizable as a BR "Instrument," but it is like no other watch in the collection. The case is rectangular rather then square and measures 50mm in diameter and 44mm in height. The size of the case, the strong, bold shape of the bezel and the weight of solid 18 karat rose gold make for a seriously impressive instrument. The case is equipped with a screw-locking crown and is awarded a water resistance rating of 100 meters. This structural strength also represents Bell & Ross' dedication to making professional-quality watches.

The complications of the Minuteur Tourbillon come together on the watch's dial. The first thing that the dial does is to meld the beauty and sophistication of rose gold with the functional and modern nature of the timepiece. This is achieved using carbon fiber. The sporty material is framed by rose gold and gold hour markers and hands are applied. The beauty of the flying tourbillon is accentuated by the used of rose gold for the its carousel. The dial also gives the watch its name as the chronograph minute counter is specially configured to read the time as a decimal value. For professionals that can afford the pink gold Minuteur tourbillon, every tenth of an hour counts.

From what i researched on the net, this timepiece was believed cost up to 150,000.

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