Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bovet- The Amadeo

“Back to classic” seems to be the motto of the season, and Bovet remains true to its own brand essence with a “classic” example of technical ingenuity.

The Amadeo line—named for the son of Bovet’s owner since 2001, Pascal Raffy—allows the brand’s Fleurier collection to be worn in four ways: as a wristwatch (with either front or back showing), a pocket watch, a pendant, or a desk clock.

A convertible Fleurier tourbillon with power reserve and personalized miniature painting on the back with second time zone.

The very remarkable thing about this timepiece collection’s versatility is that the ergonomic metamorphosis can be achieved without the use of tools. Bovet had been experimenting with the convertible idea for seven years. While the concept is not new to watchmaking, its implementation has certainly rarely been this easy for the wearer. Bovet evolved the concept—which began life as a complete set of parts and tools costing 60,000 Swiss francs above the retail cost of the watch itself—so that it can now be achieved with a few simple clicks and far less cost in manufacturing and to the consumer. In fact, the convertible version of any Fleurier timepiece is now only 1,000 Swiss francs above the watch’s retail, and this cost is chiefly due to the luxurious pocket watch chain.

The Amadeo as a convertible tourbillon with jump hours indication

Roy Davidoff of Bovet explains that the Amadeo begins an “era of flexibility” for the company headquartered in Geneva and with movement manufacturing facilities in Tramelan. Not only can the timepiece be securely transformed in a matter of mere seconds without the use of tools, but Bovet also now offers dial personalization on a smaller scale than the previously available full-scale miniature paintings for a surcharge of only 2,000 Swiss francs. Part of Bovet’s attraction in the modern age has been to offer high-quality personalization for any of its models through custom miniature dial paintings.

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