Saturday, February 20, 2010

Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30° Vision

When Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey first decided to develop a high performance tourbillon regulator, they set out to both pay homage to its famous inventor, Abraham Louis Breguet, and to make a decisive technical advancement.
In order to respond to the specific requirements of the tourbillon in a wristwatch, Greubel Forsey developed an innovative double tourbillon. One carriage, rotating in 60 seconds and inclined at 30°,  rotates inside another, which is itself rotating every four minutes. Rotating a tourbillon inside another tourbillon in this manner averages out errors induced by the force of gravity on the balance. The construction allows for superior chronometric performance; a minimum volume/maximum balance diameter ratio; and enables the superbly finished mechanism to be appreciated visually.
The Double Tourbillon 30° is now available in two renditions: 'Vision' and 'Secret'. Vision features an open dial displaying the complication for all to view, while 'Secret' conceals its artistry behind the dial while allowing viewing discreetly through the display back.

Technical Data:
Case: Other Category: Complication/Fine watchmaking
Bracelet strap: Leather Size: Ø 44.0 mm
Buckle: Folding Buckle Thickness: 16.0 mm
Setting: No Waterproofness: 30 m
Movement: Not available
Manufacture movement
Functions: Tourbillon, Power-reserve indication
Reference: n/a Collection: Inventions
Year: 2008

Sources info: World Tempus

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