Saturday, February 27, 2010

28th Feb 2010

hmm..its been days since i last blogged on my personal post.. mainly because maybe im a boring guy, not much activities going out there :D But recently one of my sec sch classmate birthday and i went, it was soo... reminising... hope can go out more with my sec sch and pri sch friends often.. but somehow dont think its possible sigh..
Anyway.. heres some photos i bring and share with you all haha!

My sec sch buddies and the birthday gals! =D

Notice the guy beside me with the sexy pose? :O
Cause i tried pulling his shirt xD
Birthday girls !
Our group photo! love this the most

the pretty girls =O

Yup we went to pasir ris ehub to celebrate, although not that happening, but i always treasure outings with bunch of old friends as im a guy that value old ties the most =)

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