Monday, February 22, 2010

Dewitt- W-X1

If you are confusing this design with an ordinary watch then you are absolutely wrong because this watch costs more than your house. Yes, you heard it right. WX-1 concept watches are designed at price 400,000 Euros.

The new DeWitt WX-1 embodies innovation and manages to bring on the market an air of boldness that just breaks all barriers regarding the way in which a watch should look. The new exquisite and really futuristic design of the DeWitt WX-1 transforms it into an amazing piece of technological innovation.

Because of the parallel going train with five barrels, the power reserve was remarkably raised up to 21 days.( Hey mind you, its 21 days ) All the parts forming this incredible piece of art are arranged in vertical order.
Besides the astonishing aspect, the watchmakers working for the House of DeWitt have thought of another important detail: weight. In order to solve this problem and to avoid transforming it into an unbearable accessory, it was used in creating the supporting structure, the movement and the bridges, an aluminium- lithium alloy that gives it not only the quality of being light but also a higher degree of resistance.
The DeWitt WX-1 has 307 parts and a weight of 191 grams instead of 600 grams, that is the approximate weight of such a structure.

The battery has two available ways of being recharged, the first one is by using a wall charger and the second one is by using the USB socket positioned on the back of the tool.

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Joseph said...

Personally to me i think that the part that this watch amazed me the most is the stunning 21 days power reserve.
Most of the watches that i have seen, the power reserve barely last for 3-4 to 1 week.. yet this WX-1 can last for 3 weeks.. its quite a feat.
Not only that, it provides a USB powered watch winder for the WX-1.
But i do think it has water resistant though or maybe 30meter at most haha..
So in future if you have this watch, you can proclaim to most of people in your country, you see this watch? This watch costs more than your house. Thats right, the 33 WX-1 watches made are priced at 400,000 Euros each