Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hysek- Earth Colosso

How do you define a watch? Just purely a time telling accessory? Yes it is, at least to the people in the past, that is why wristwatch in the past never fails to look classic and oldies. Today, fashion, looks, and style are very important. In essence, most of the emphasis is placed on offering watches to the super rich that look good. That is not always the case of course, and we still see interesting beasts like the Hysek Colosso.
So introducing Hysek Earth Colosso, it offers you a clear view of the earth revolving (literally) there on your wrist. Hysek focused upon capturing the globe onto your wrist in the form of a time-revealing mechanism, where the crystal pustule crammed with a dimensional earth rotates at local or GMT time. The watch features 12mm three dimensional globe royally placed at 12 o�clock angle.

The progress is reflected via cathedral timbre studded with 62 jewels along with a 48 hour power reserve. Right on the location of the globe, it points towards cities of the 24 time zones associated to the GMT. The retrospective time zones with a linear double exhibit is positioned at the subordinate end and exhibited in curvex spot with signal arrows that point out towards (24 to 12 hours cycle and vice versa). Well, being aware that a spill over of $550,000 cannot fetch us a moon rudiment then why not ink a neat deal with this Colosso�s model and feel fortunate to carry the world on our wrist.

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Joseph said...

Another interesting uberly costly watch i found on the net..
how does you feel? when you have the world's on your hand? heh.. its damn cool! :)