Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jacob & Co- The Quenttin

The Quenttin is quite a dramatic timepiece. It is designed in 2 cylinders and is limited to only 99 pieces in white gold, 18 pieces in rose gold and 18 pieces in platinium.

The movement consists of a vertical mechanical movement with manual winding escapement, incorporating swiss anchor mounted in a tourbillion cage. The watch winds with an integrated key, external hand key or with a motorized system in the box.

Due to the energy supplied by the 7 gold barrels that is displayed through vertical rolls, it has an astonishing long power reserve of 31 days, which is one month.

What effect will the Quenttin on in the watch world? Being first to released on market ( as it is already being sold ) before the cabestan, the Quenttin will probably sell out before the cabestan is even ready for the market. Both Jacob & Co and Vianney Halter cover a very small niche market of esoteric collectors before these pieces are wonderful piece of engineering - despite of their huge price tag.

Technical Data:
Case: 18K White Gold, 18K Rose Gold, Magnesium
Size: 56 x 47 x 21.5 mm
Bezel & Case: White, Rose Gold or Magnesium with carbon fiber applications on the side of the watch
Movement: Vertical mechanical movement with manual winding escapement, incorporates Swiss anchor mounted in a Tourbillion cage. This cage is suspended without roller bearings and positioned vertically. Winds with integrated key, external hand key or motorized in the box.
Caliber: 5
Power Reserve: 31 day power reserve (744 hours), supplied by the energy of 7 barrels and displayed through vertical rolls
Jewels: 40
Functions: Indications of hours, minutes, power reserve is made by vertical disks assembled coaxially
Crystal: Sapphire
Water Resistance: 100ft / 30m
Special Features: On-off key for time set up or winding; external access to the Tourbillion for fine-tuning; Tourbillion cage visible on the edge of the clock
Strap: Rubber
Limited Edition Series: 99 pieces in White Gold, 18 pieces in Rose Gold, 18 pieces in Magnesium

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